Infinite Hooray

Supercharging your Zendesk support!

We create innovative Zendesk apps that generate business, improve efficiency, and support agent job satisfaction, leading to the best customer experience.

Long-term business

Our company prioritizes sustainability and ethical practices to build a responsible and successful business for the long-term.

Working life

We strive to foster a positive and productive work environment in service organizations to enhance the overall well-being and efficiency of the workforce.

UN’s Sustainability goals

We align our actions with the UN's Sustainability Goals for responsible operations.


We are a customer-centric brand, putting the needs and satisfaction of our customers above all else.

CEDRIC F. JACOB | Cofounder & CTO

Cedric, before starting his own business as a customer service consultant, writer, and Zendesk admin for international companies, began his career as a customer service representative, from where he progressed to senior, team leader, and management roles. Working for clients such as adidas Runtastic, he focuses on creating highly customized, scalable structures, utilizing his acquired customer service experience and broader passion for IT, which ranges from software and game development all the way to cyber security and hardware.

Cedric's main focus at Infinite Hooray lies in developing apps utilizing his in-depth knowledge of Zendesk and customer service in general.

Jørn Rønnow | Cofounder & COO

Jørn is a highly educated professional with a background in banking. He made the transition to the service industry during the late 90s, when the telco business was experiencing rapid growth. Since then, he has gained a wealth of experience in service management for both B2B and B2C, working with international brands across a variety of industries. His primary objective is to help organizations adopt a holistic approach to customer service, ensuring that all departments are focused on the customer and that valuable knowledge is captured during customer interactions.

Jørn's approach emphasizes the importance of being clear and structured about the information relevant for customer service to capture, so that organizations can avoid losing valuable knowledge. He also believes that all departments should thoroughly consider the customer service impact when launching new products, changing subscription terms, or taking any other actions that may lead to customer inquiries. By following this approach, companies can improve their entire value chain, reduce the number of inquiries, automate more processes and ultimately increase sales.

Your AI Agent

Solve tickets directly from your Zendesk using GPT-3!

  • The system will immediately generate a professional draft reply in a customer-friendly tone, without any spelling mistakes.
  • Customer Service agents just have to add a few bullets to the ticket before asking the system to generate a draft reply
  • In most instances, the reply can be sent directly to the customer without any adjustments needed
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